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About us

Swipe Care Limited stands as a beacon of excellence in the nursing agency landscape, founded in 2023 on the bedrock of extensive knowledge and experience within the healthcare sector. With a cumulative experience of over a year garnered from reputable institutions such as the NHS, Private Hospitals, and Nursing and Care Homes, our team brings a wealth of expertise to cater to the multifaceted needs of our discerning clients.

Against the backdrop of a persistent shortage of nursing and healthcare workers identified on the government’s job shortage list, our agency is resolutely committed to delivering flexible and cost-effective nursing care solutions. We keenly acknowledge the imperative to bridge the ever-widening chasm between the available pool of professionals and the escalating demand for healthcare services in our communities.

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At Swipe Care Limited, we place a premium on preserving absolute flexibility in service delivery, all the while ensuring that our clients retain unequivocal control over the timing and manner in which services are administered. Our modus operandi is underpinned by the unwavering principle of meticulously matching the right candidate to the right job. Whether it entails delivering care within the sanctity of clients’ homes, within the nurturing confines of a nursing facility, or even amidst the rigors of a hospital setting, we are steadfast in our commitment to orchestrating seamless matches that leave both parties equally gratified.

By steadfastly adhering to this guiding philosophy, we endeavor to cultivate a symbiotic relationship characterized by mutual satisfaction and trust between our esteemed clients and the cadre of dedicated healthcare professionals within our network. At Swipe Care Limited, excellence is not merely a benchmark but a way of life, as we continuously strive to redefine the standards of service excellence in the realm of healthcare staffing solutions.